How to choose the best scratching post for your cat

Cat owners know all too well what a cat’s need to scratch means. For this reason, there is a wide variety of scratching posts on the market with the intention of preventing cats from scratching furniture or carpets. The problem is that many times the scrapers do not give the right results. In this article we tell you how to choose the best scratching post for your cat. Keep in mind that one type of scratching post that worked great for one cat may not work for another cat.

The best scratching post for your cat

To choose the best scratching post for your cat, it is important to take into account your pet’s preferences when scratching with his nails. If you are not attentive to your cat’s behavior at these times, you run the risk of buying a device that your cat will completely ignore. Besides the fact that it will most likely keep destroying your furniture.

One tip is to get your cat used to using a scratching post from a very young age. In this way you will avoid that he will be used to your furniture and will be accustomed to the object. But if this was not the case, you should then look at your cat’s scratching behavior to acquire or manufacture the best scratching post.

If your cat usually scratches standing on its hind legs, a scratching post may be a good choice. But if your kitty scratches the carpets, you should opt for a scratching box.

Another detail to take into account is what kind of textures you prefer: rough or smooth. Scrapers can come with different textures such as carpet fabrics, rope and cardboard. Choose the one you see that your cat prefers.

On the other hand, the size of your pet will also influence the choice. For example, a large cat will need a strong scratching post that will stand firm and support its weight.


It often happens that once you have the scratching post at home, your cat ignores it. This is why you will have to be patient and go through a period of adaptation to the object. Ideally, you should bring it close to the place where your cat scratches its nails most frequently. In this way you can get used to the presence of the object.

It is quite possible that he will choose it naturally, but you must remember that this is a process that must be carried out with love and patience. Cats do not usually take kindly to impositions.

Why cats scratch

Cats are often in the habit of scratching with their nails wherever they can. If they have outdoor spaces with trees, they will most likely choose a sturdy tree trunk for this activity. But if you do not have this type of space in your home, you will necessarily have to provide one. Otherwise, your furniture will be in danger.

Keep in mind that this is a totally natural behavior for a cat, so you should not try to repress it or punish him for it. Expenses scratch to remove old nails and to sharpen new ones. But they also scratch to mark their territory and even to stretch and relax, avoiding muscle tension.

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