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How to choose the best cat litter?

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Cat owners know that these adorable domestic felines spend long hours of the day sleeping. With these characteristics in mind, we have prepared in this post some indications to help you choose the best cat litter.

As the person responsible for the care of a kitty, it makes sense that you want them to be comfortable, snug and happy. And that means having a place to sleep that you like. However, it is important to know that cats tend to be very demanding and have a particular character. Sometimes we buy products for them, with the best of intentions, but then they ignore them completely. To prevent this from happening with your cat’s litter, let’s look at some recommendations below.

The best cat litter

Cats tend to find for themselves the places they like best to sleep. It also often happens that once they have chosen a space, it is difficult to change their mind. To prevent this from happening with cat litter, take into account the following recommendations:

  • Size. In the market you can find different sizes of beds for michis. But as a general rule, you should make sure that it is adapted to the dimensions of your cat. This implies that your cat should have enough space to comfortably wake up in his bed. If you do not have this space, you are likely to feel uncomfortable and look elsewhere.
  • The material. In general, the material from which the bed is made should be strong and at the same time soft. A material that is uncomfortable for your cat may lead him to refuse the litter. Therefore, the recommendation is to choose a good material that is strong enough, but at the same time comfortable for your cat to take long naps every day.
  • Cleanliness. It is important that you consider before purchasing a cat litter how easy it is to clean. This is because bacteria can accumulate and become soiled. Thus, you should choose a bed that is easy to clean. A good option may be a removable bed, as it will be easy to remove and clean and put back in place.
  • The design. Cats tend to like to sleep in high places that have a good strategic position in the house. That’s why it may be a good idea to choose a bed that can be hung up. Many cats like this type of beds, because they allow them to take naps but also to observe their surroundings.

Why cats sleep so much

It should be remembered that cats are felines and are nocturnal by nature. As a result, they tend to sleep more during the day and have more active periods during the night. The sleep pattern of cats is determined by the nocturnal hunting habits of their ancestors.

Another factor is that cats have an accelerated metabolism and burn energy very quickly. That is why they need to rest to recover their energy.

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