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Why does your dog eat grass?

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If you own a canine pet, chances are you’ve seen them eating grass. This is a common behavior among dogs, so in general it should not be a source of concern about your pet’s health. But, if you want to know the probable reasons why your dog eats grass, read on.

Reasons why your dog eats grass

As pet owners, it often happens that we want our pet to be as well as possible. That means watching what you eat. But it can be very common to see your dog eating grass at the first opportunity. This may lead you to ask the veterinarian some questions, which of course never hurts.

  • Because it is natural in its kind. In fact, many carnivorous animals eat plants. An example of this are the dogs’ relatives, the wolves. In fact, about 41% of wolf species eat grasses and other plants.
  • Because they imitate their mothers. Puppies that are beginning to wean often mimic their mother’s behavior and may start eating herbs at this time.
  • Because they extract nutrients from plants. A dog that eats grass is performing a natural behavior of its species. Can extract some nutrients from plant tissues such as leaves and stems.
  • Because they help to expel parasites. Some studies revealed that the ingestion of some plants can help animals to expel parasites present in the intestines. So it could be one of the reasons why your furry one eats grasses.
  • Because it is hungry. It is possible that your dog is hungry and therefore eats some herbs. Some studies show that dogs tend to engage in this type of behavior in the morning, when their stomachs are at their emptiest.

Grass and other grasses

Dogs may like to eat different grasses, but are more likely to have a predilection for grasses such as turf. Some experts on the subject assure that it is normal for a dog of twenty kilos to ingest about 60 grams of fresh grass every day.

One thing you should avoid is scolding your dog when you see him eating from the grass or other plants. Remember that this is a completely natural behavior in dogs.

If you scold your pet for eating grass and plants, he may develop an anxiety disorder that will lead him to compulsively gobble grass.

What plants should not be eaten

There are some garden plants that can be toxic to dogs. For example, oleanders or ivy can harm your pet if ingested. If you have a garden, you should check it for toxic plants. You should also avoid ingesting plants that have been sprayed with insecticides.

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