How to care for a newborn cat without a mother

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For various reasons, a newborn cat may be left without its mother. In this case, it requires certain special care that is essential for it to grow and develop in a healthy way. Although cats are usually very independent, in the first weeks of their life they need their mother’s care.

It is the mother who is responsible for supplying the nutrients and antibodies they need to survive, as well as providing them with adequate warmth. If for any reason the mother is not present at this time, the newborn kitten’s caregivers should take care of the necessary.

The most important aspects to take into account for the development of the newborn are the following:

  • Feeding
  • Heat
  • Cleaning
  • Affection

Feeding a newborn cat

Breast milk is the best option for feeding a newborn cat, but in case it is not available, feeding should be done with a milk suitable for kittens. These types of formulas are suitable for supplying nutrients and vitamins to the baby kitten and can be found in pet stores.

The amount to be administered is about 13 ml per hundred grams of weight of the kitten during its first week. This will increase to 17 ml in the second week until reaching 20 ml per hundred grams of weight in the third week. The amount can be divided into several equal doses about 8 times a day. You can try a little at a time to make sure it does not have any digestive disorders.


A newborn kitten should be warm and sleep most of the time. Their eyes will be closed until they are fifteen days old, when they will open them.

On the other hand, to make sure the little one is warm, you can place a hot water bottle or a heating pad. Newborn cats cannot regulate their own temperature and are warmed by their mother. When the mother is not around, you will be in charge of keeping him warm.

Cleanliness in a newborn cat

The implements you use to feed your newborn kitten should be kept clean at all times. This will prevent the appearance of germs and bacteria that can make the newborn sick. Remember that you will have to use a syringe or a bottle that serves as a bottle for cats and this must be washed very frequently.

On the other hand, the mothers are in charge of cleaning the kittens. In this case, you can keep it clean by wiping it with a clean, soft towel several times a day. This will keep their skin and coat clean and healthy.


Last but not least, your kitten must learn to feel loved from the very beginning. This implies that they need cuddles and caresses to feel safe and protected. In fact, this will help it to develop and have a long and happy life. It is quite normal for a kitten that has been raised by a person to develop very close bonds with that person.

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