How to accustom your cat to the use of a harness

Cats are usually independent and curious creatures, but sometimes their own innate curiosity can lead them to get into trouble. For example, exposure to cat fights, infectious diseases and various injuries. That is why many veterinarians do not recommend that cats roam freely outdoors. This is where the use of the harness comes into play, since it becomes a solution for your cat to walk outdoors and be safe.

But getting a cat used to the use of a harness is a process that you will have to go through calmly. What we can say for sure is that once your kitty learns to walk with the harness, he will enjoy walks that will help him to improve his mental stimulation, as well as to get more exercise. You will also be able to combat the dangers and consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. These risks include obesity.

Getting your cat used to wearing a harness

Here are some recommendations so that getting your cat used to the use of the harness is a pleasant process and then you can enjoy the experience of walking outdoors with fewer risks.

  • Gradual process. It is important that your cat gets used to the harness gradually. First let him become familiar with the harness by putting it close to him during play or feeding sessions. This way you will be able to associate it with positive experiences.
  • Correct fit. Here you will need to make sure that the harness fits your cat’s body properly. It should be snug enough to prevent leakage, but not too tight so that it does not cause discomfort or difficulty in moving.
  • Start at home. Once your cat is familiar with the harness and has been comfortable wearing the equipment, let him get used to wearing it indoors for short periods of time. After use, try giving positive reinforcement such as praise or a cat snack.
  • Keep on the leash. As they become accustomed to the use of the harness, you should incorporate the use of the leash. Start by attaching a light leash to the harness indoors. This way your cat can get used to the feeling of having something dragging behind him. Try walking softly beside him.
  • Outdoors. If your cat is already accustomed to wearing the harness indoors for some period of time and you notice that it feels comfortable, you can try using it outdoors. Start with a short walk to the park, for example. This way you will get used to the feeling of being outside in the harness.

The best harness for cats

A harness for cats is a garment with which they can go outdoors without the risk of escaping or getting lost. They are usually made of resistant and adjustable materials. In this way, they adapt to the size of the cat.

With a harness, you can walk with your cat, staying connected to it and you can monitor its location. You can also take him to the veterinarian or other nearby places where he can accompany you.

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