Giant cats: two breeds you will fall in love with

Cats are a favorite pet. And if you’ve been reading us for a long time, you’ll know that at Puppy World we are self-confessed catlovers. And on our website you can find many references about them…
This time we want to talk to you about giant cats. Because, yes, there are giant and fascinating cats. Do you want to meet them?

Before we go into the breeds that are surprising for their size, you should know that most of these cats are the result of crossbreeding, usually with other larger animals.

Now, let’s get to know them once and for all!

Giant cats

Maine Coon

maine coon

It couldn’t be otherwise, I had to start this list of giant cats with the Maine Coon. And we are talking about one of the biggest cats in existence today.

As their name suggests, they originate from the state of Maine. And the second part of its name derives, according to legend, from the word racoon, which means raccoon. It is said that this breed was born from the crossbreeding of a cat with a raccoon.

The fact is that these minis can measure up to 70 centimeters and weigh more than 10 kilos.

As if that were not attractive enough, these cats also have an unusual characteristic for cats; they love water.

Do not be intimidated by their size, because the truth is that they have a very docile and incredibly affectionate character.



This beautiful cat is the result of crossing many breeds, including the Siamese and the Persian.
Anyone would say that the genes, capriciously, have taken the best of each race to create a perfect being.

They have a very calm character and are the ideal companion for those who love to live surrounded by cats, since the ragdoll needs the company of other cats in order to survive.

This breed can reach more than one meter in length, which we assure you is a BIG size for a cat. And they usually weigh around 9 kilos.