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Feeding grandpa cat

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Grandfather cat

Cats like us also go through stages. Its life is divided into cycles and each phase is different and, consequently, requires special care.

Particularly important is the section on food. If there are specific feeds and guidelines for feeding a baby cat, the same applies when our feline friend reaches senior age. Grandpa cats need cuddles, take care of him to make him a young grandpa.

Logically, the health of an elderly cat is not the same as when it was young. And it is necessary to take extreme precautions in terms of the vitamin and nutrient intake that our pets need. In addition, any health problems you already have will also influence the type of food you need to eat.

Recommended diet for each age group

It is possible for a cat to lose weight and appetite as it gets older. If he loses weight, keep an eye on him, as this could indicate a health problem. As for the lack of appetite, it will be necessary to pamper him more when he resists eating, offering him highly nutritious and appetizing food, with smell so that his sense of smell awakens his taste buds, and not too hard, because perhaps his mouth is already feeling some disorders typical of old age.

Possible problems

The veterinarian’s review is becoming more necessary than ever. The cat ‘s weight must be controlled if it tends to put on weight because it can no longer play as much. And if you lose weight, it’s time to check for illness. Teeth are another weak point in the elderly, because if they hurt, they will not want to eat. Also watch out for digestive disorders. And force him to drink water, as older cats are more reluctant to drink.

Occasionally, it is useful to supplement our cat ‘s diet with a vitamin E supplement, which will help him/her to control weight.