Traveling on the train with our pet


If traveling is an adventure, traveling with a dog is even more so. And of course, they can also join us by train. The first thing to keep in mind is to inform ourselves first about which companies allow our dogs as users, and the conditions of the service. In Spain Renfe and Ave, pets are allowed.


Companies and regulations

Local trains such as Renfe allow us to travel with our pets as long as the rest of the passengers agree. In other words, we have to pray that we don’t get an anti-animalist as a passenger when we travel. But the same happens with Ave, passengers decide whether or not to allow pets on the transport.

In both cases, the owner must act responsibly and remain vigilant of his animal, as he will respond to any complaints or problems that may arise. Another rule is to always carry all the legal and sanitary documentation of the pet.

And weight is also decisive. If the dog weighs more than 10 kilos, we may have problems to let him/her go upstairs. In addition, it will have to go in a cage or suitable carrier, with ventilation and safety. However, we are only allowed to travel with one pet, no more.

Except for guide dogs, all other pets will have to pay a fee. Another disadvantage is that, in case of overcrowding, if someone has to be left out, it will be our pet.

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