Do you know how to interpret the language of cats?

The language of cats

In addition to being the kings of the internet, cats are adorable and very funny pets. Totally unique life companions, as we have seen in some stories such as that of
Iris, an autistic girl and her cat.


They are funny, fun, independent and have their own personality. But do you know how to interpret the language of cats?

Many claim that, precisely because they tend to be independent, they are not very communicative or cold animals. As it turns out, nothing could be further from the truth. And not because we say so, because we are passionate about cats and perhaps we would not be objective, but because experts and researchers who have dedicated themselves to studying the behavior of these little shrew.

In case you doubted it, cats are just as expressive and affectionate as dogs, for example. The problem is that we do not always know how to understand and interpret the language they use to communicate with us.

How cats communicate with humans

When they purr

The research carried out on this subject reveals some very curious and at the same time very relevant data. For example, there is a belief that cats purr when they are happy, but the truth is that they not only purr when they are happy, but also when they are sick or injured.

Thus, we can conclude that purring is not only a request for cuddles and caresses, but also a way for cats to ask for care and affection.

When they meow

A very, very curious fact is that meowing is a language that cats use only to communicate with us humans.

According to scientific studies, feral cats hardly meow at all. However, domestic cats meow constantly… and they do it to communicate with us and get our attention.
And, as if that weren’t surprising enough, it turns out that this is not a universal “language” among cats, but that each cat has its own way of communicating with humans. Isn’t it amazing?

When rubbing

If you have a cat, it’s probably rubbed up against your legs when you get home. It’s not that he’s cuddly, it’s his particular way of greeting you and telling you he’s missed you.
And you’ve probably noticed that they also do it against objects… in that case, what your cat is doing is marking territory.

When blinking

It is not very common for us to look at the facial expressions of our cats. And the truth is that it is a mistake, since through the gestures of their face, cats show us if they are happy, if they are tense or on the contrary they are relaxed, if they are sick, etc.


A very common facial gesture in cats is the slow blinking, sometimes with only one eye and sometimes with both. It is a gesture of affection and acceptance through which they tell us that they feel good, relaxed and at ease with us.


Now that you know all these curiosities about cats and their particular way of communicating with us, you will surely understand it better. Pay attention to his gestures, his meowing and his behavior, and you will make your relationship even closer, if possible.