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7 tips to stimulate a depressed cat

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Cats can get depressed, just like people, and there are some actions you can take to help a depressed cat out of the blues. Although domestic felines are often thought of as independent, they are also social and affectionate animals that need human contact in order to thrive. Some changes in household routines, the arrival of a new pet or the loss of a loved one may be some of the reasons that lead to depression.

Among the signs to notice that your cat is depressed may be changes in his character, showing apathy and decay. He may also show lack of appetite or may even stop grooming or using the sandbox to relieve himself. It is advisable to consult a veterinarian for these symptoms, who can check if it is another disease or if it is depression. In any case, here are some tips to help your depressed cat.

Tips for helping a depressed cat

  1. Toys. Cats usually like to play, so you can offer them toys to distract them while they exercise. Rubber balls and fishing rods are some toys that you may like to chase, jump and hunt.
  2. Comfortable bed. We already know that cats love to take naps at all hours. That is why you can offer comfortable beds in different parts of the home so that he can find the one he likes best.
  3. Routine. Despite their independent nature, cats often do very well to have fixed routines every day. This can help you feel comfortable and confident. Set times for eating, playing and even sleeping.
  4. Awards. You can offer your cat a special cat treat as a reward after a game. After a training session, it may be a good idea to give your cat a snack or treat as a reward. Try to always use cat food formulated for cats or under the recommendation of a veterinarian.
  5. Time. A depressed cat will appreciate it if you spend time especially for him. It is important that every day you dedicate a special time to play, pet him or talk to him. Letting your cat know that you are paying attention to it can be a remedy for depression, as cats are sensitive animals.
  6. New toys and activities. If you notice that your cat has lost interest in his toys and no longer performs the activities he used to do, it may be a good idea to renew his toys. You may be able to attract their attention and get them out of the apathy that can be caused by depression.
  7. Good atmosphere. Cats like safe and comfortable places, where they can feel secure. Try to avoid loud noises and make sure your cat’s environment is clean and safe. Your cat may like to hide, so make sure it can do so without risk. It is also a good idea to avoid abrupt changes as much as possible.

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