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6 curiosities of domestic cats

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There is no doubt that cats have a great fascination for people.

These charming furries can be excellent domestic companions, but at the same time they are able to keep their feline essence intact.

Domestic cats can adapt to home life, but they also have behaviors that reveal their wild and undomesticated side.

As gentle and calm as your kitten may appear, his feline nature will jump out at any moment.

To help you understand more about all these conditions of the character of domestic cats, we have prepared a list of the six curiosities that most often attract attention.

Curiosities of domestic cats

  1. The jump.

    Domestic cats often have a striking ability to jump. In fact, they are capable of jumping up to five times their own height.

    This incredible condition is what allows them to be able to reach the highest corners and to explore places quite unreachable for other species.

    Cats have a muscular structure endowed for jumping, as well as a great flexibility of their spine.

  2. The dream.

    Domestic cats may spend most of the day sleeping.

    Some research indicates that on average, a cat can spend between 12 and 16 hours each day engaged in its favorite pastime: sleeping.

    But this ability to sleep for long hours each day has its raison d’être in their nature as hunters.

    The long hours of sleep allow them to replenish their energy, which they will use up very quickly in the moments of intense activity that they will devote to hunting.

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  3. Hearing and sight.

    The hearing and sight of cats is very well developed. These senses have an important capacity to perceive environmental stimuli.

    This implies that they will be able to see and hear much more acutely than other living beings.
    They have an impressive night vision, as well as a great ability to detect fast movements.

  4. Clustering.

    Any cat owner may have noticed that their cat spends a lot of time grooming itself.

    With the appearance of a ritual, the kittens will spend a long time cleaning themselves with their tongues.

    It should be noted that they have a rough tongue with some protuberances that help them to remove dirt and get rid of dead hairs from their coat.

    In addition, the act of grooming itself is able to help regulate your cat’s body temperature.

  5. Hunting.

    Even if your cat does not need to hunt for food, his hunting instinct will remain alive in him.

    It is also important that for a better development of his intelligence, you provide him with toys that are able to stimulate these hunting behaviors.

    Either way and naturally, your kitty will chase mice, birds and insects and whatever critters are roaming around.

  6. The purr.

    One of the most characteristic and at the same time most curious conditions of cats is their purring.

    A cat can purr when it is relaxed, when it is sick and when it is happy.

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