Where does the belief that cats have seven lives come from?

7 vidas de los gatos
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Cats have been the subject of numerous myths and legends throughout history. Among these myths, one of the most deeply rooted is the popular belief that cats have seven lives. This notion has persisted over generations, but where exactly does this belief come from and what is its significance?

The idea that cats have multiple lives has its roots in ancient Egyptian culture, where felines were revered as divine beings. The Egyptians associated cats with the goddess Bastet, protector of the home, family and fertility. Bastet was believed to have the ability to be continually reborn, which influenced the perception of cats as beings endowed with a kind of immortality or resurgence ability.

The seven lives and behavior

Another possible explanation for this belief lies in the agile and enigmatic behavior of cats. Their ability to escape from dangerous situations, their agility to avoid obstacles and their ability to recover from minor injuries may have contributed to the idea that they have multiple lives. For many people, the observation of how a cat can fall from a considerable height and emerge virtually unscathed reinforces this notion of its supposed immortality.

Literature and popular culture have also contributed to perpetuate this belief. In fairy tales, fables and literary works, cats can often be seen as mystical creatures with supernatural abilities. This exaggerated portrayal of the cat’s nature has fueled the idea of its multiple lives, making it an ingrained part of popular folklore.


Superstition has also played an important role in the propagation of this belief. In many cultures, black cats, in particular, are associated with good and bad luck. Some believe that the ability of cats to avoid dangers and survive difficult situations is a sign of their good fortune and divine protection. This belief has been transmitted over time, contributing to the persistence of the idea of the seven lives.

Although the belief in the seven lives of cats may seem simply a folkloric curiosity, it also carries a deeper meaning. On a symbolic level, the idea of multiple lives can be interpreted as a reminder of the capacity for renewal and resilience. Cats, with their ability to bounce back from setbacks and adapt to different circumstances, teach us the importance of flexibility and persistence in life.

Ultimately, the belief in the seven lives of cats reminds us of the complexity and mystery of nature, as well as the importance of keeping an open mind in the face of the unexplainable. Although science and reason offer us logical explanations for cat behavior, their aura of enigma and magic lingers, reminding us that there are aspects of the world we do not yet fully understand.

Although the truth behind the seven lives of cats may remain a mystery, their symbolic power and ability to inspire awe and wonder continue to resonate in our minds and hearts.

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