How to bathe a cat and not die in the attempt

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Persian cats are not the only ones that need specific care for their fur. If we want our cat, whatever its breed, to look healthy, clean and with a shiny coat, it is necessary to take into account some tips, such as bathing it, which is something that can become an odyssey if certain precautions are not taken.

In order to take care of the cat , it will be necessary to get it used to water from the time it is a puppy, otherwise it will be almost impossible for it to be washed and combed as an adult, when it is more independent and has acquired its habits. In fact, cats have their own form of grooming, which consists of running their tongues through their fur, an operation they perform two or three times a day.

Little taste for water

In the case of cats, the myth is true: water is not their favorite thing. Therefore, when bathing them, avoid getting their head wet or getting water or soap in their eyes, otherwise it will be difficult to repeat the operation. While bathing it is necessary to treat the animal with affection, talking to it softly in order to distract it.

Towels and dryer

The water should be hot, approximately 37 degrees Celsius. Once clean, wrap it in a warm towel and if it is cold, dry the hair with a hairdryer. Cats tend to be frightened and resist these procedures, therefore, to avoid running and stains all over the house, it is advisable to close the bathroom door and dress in clothes that you do not mind spoiling, because the cat does not spare scratches when it feels threatened.

A good trick to get cats used to bathing is to give them a treat at the end of the process. That way they will feel rewarded and will be more willing to submit to a bath from time to time. However, they should not be bathed more than once a week.