4 reasons why your cat purrs

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Everyone who has lived with a cat has heard the most common sound a cat makes: purring. That rhythmic sound that kittens often make, known as purring, can be comforting and sometimes even hypnotic. Although most of the time, your cat purrs because it feels at ease, there are other reasons why it makes this sound. The important thing is that you learn to know the reasons why your cat purrs.

Reasons why your cat purrs

Here are four reasons why your cat may purr.

1. Because he is at ease

It is very likely that your kitten will start purring when it is relaxed and very comfortable. In fact, many times your michi will start purring when you are giving him a cuddle session. If he is comfortable with physical interaction, he will quickly begin to purr.

That’s why many people associate purring with a state of well-being of your kitty. It can also be that he is alone and starts to purr, which means that he is possibly relaxing.

2. Because he wants to have human contact

A cat reunited with its human family after a separation may purr as a sign of recognition. In some cases, the longer the separation, the longer your kitten may purr at the time of reunion. In this way, he can purr to let you know that he is ready for your affection.

3. Because you want care

A kitten purring for attention or food will purr at a slightly different pitch. In fact, sometimes the sound of purring often resembles the cry of a baby.

In addition, if we give in to the demand, our kitty will use this particular purr to request food or attention. This is a sound that will be less soothing to the ear, so you will probably recognize it quickly.

4. In stressful situations

While purrs are generally emitted by cats in situations that can be described as emotionally positive, it is also true that they may purr in times of stress. For example, before a visit to the veterinarian, or when they are sick. Experts agree that this is a resource that cats may sometimes use to calm themselves down.

What is purring

Purring is a sound that cats emit with their mouths closed. It is accompanied by a vibration that can be felt when placing the fingers on the lower part of the cat’s neck.

It is a lower frequency sound than a cat’s voice. It cannot be heard from far away, as it is almost imperceptible. Kittens a few days old can already make this sound. It is also one of the sounds that female cats use to communicate with their kittens.

If you are wondering where purrs come from, they are produced by the contraction and relaxation of the muscles of the larynx as air moves in and out of the lungs.

Image by Jens Enemark at Pixabay