Your cat won’t let you sleep?

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As nocturnal animals, cats can be annoying roommates late at night. And is that some owners complain that their kittens, neither short nor lazy come to bed and wake them up at dawn. By bursting into the room or offering a concert of meows and other accompanying noises, the animal manages to let us know that he is awake and has no intention of going to sleep or letting us sleep. Why does it do so?

Cats do not sleep at night

Because they are hungry or because they want to play. Let’s not forget that kittens, like other pets, are at heart like little children. They seek our attention, it is their nature to sleep at times during the day and we humans cannot change that. Then, we will have to take measures to keep them happy and entertained during the night.

Here are their reasons, and our tips for getting your cat to let you sleep at night:

  • Your cat doesn’t understand clocks, if he’s hungry, he’ll bother you. Fill his food bowl before you go to sleep.
  • Your cat wants to play. Try to play with him during the day and especially in the evening. Ideally, if he is tired, he will decide to rest with you too. If the animal insists, simply ignore it by keeping it out of your room. You can educate him not to scratch the wall if, every time he does it at night, you plug in the vacuum cleaner. The noise will scare you.