Why dogs eat grass

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One of the questions around the canine world that has created more doubts and theories is why dodogs eat grass? Whether in Japan, Holland or Spain, there is no dog lover who doesn’t wonder why this behavior is happening. But in spite of being such a widespread doubt, there is little research on the subject, a situation that makes it difficult to give a definitive answer.

Many of these investigations have studied and supported certain theories regarding this subject, as well as disproved others. But so far, the most credible theories vary according to the dog’s situation in his daily life, and to something very particular and special, genetic inheritance.

What are the reasons attributed to this behavior?

As mentioned, the reason that leads the dog to eat grass may vary slightly according to the conditions of the dog, so the different reasons that will be mentioned below have the same validity.

  1. Because they like it: although it sounds a little hard to believe, one of the main reasons why dogs eat grass is because they like the sensation and the taste they feel when they put it in their mouths. Dogs are curious and a bit idle by nature, and eating grass becomes one of their many unusual activities for humans that they love to do.
  2. Satiety: according to one of the studies carried out on this subject, dogs that despite having eaten do not feel completely satiated or satisfied, have more tendencies to eat grass than those that have been satisfied. It is believed that dogs see it as a way to fill or satiate their entire stomach when other sources of food are not available. This can occur with both properly fed dogs and those with nutritional deficiencies.
  3. To purge: the idea that dogs eat grass to purge themselves has many conflicting opinions around it. And the truth is that even though only a small percentage of them use this means to purge themselves, it cannot be ruled out as one of the many valid reasons that lead dogs to eat grass. This need may arise from ingesting a foreign object or parasite, so the dog will use the grass to try to get rid of it if the situation warrants it.
  4. Pica syndrome and compulsive behaviors: although very unusual, stress, anxiety or depreciation can lead a dog to compulsively eat grass in an attempt to relax and release tension. In addition to this, this behavior can also occur in dogs with pica syndrome.

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