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Why does your dog need calcium?

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Calcium is a macronutrient that is present in certain quantities in the body of animals. Its main function is to strengthen bones: your dog needs calcium to maintain good health. Calcium for dogs can be found in pills, food and nutritional supplements, as well as in the food itself.

Your dog needs calcium to stay in shape

The main function of calcium is bone strengthening. But this macronutrient is also essential for the proper functioning of other vital functions such as muscle contraction and blood clotting. Cardiac activity and nervous system regulation also depend on the correct presence of calcium in your dog’s body.

On the other hand, it is necessary to know that according to the age of your pet and the state of health in which he/she is, different doses should be given. For example, the calcium requirements of a healthy adult dog will not be the same as those of a senior dog or a puppy.

Puppies need calcium for the formation of teeth and bones, but this element should not be given in excess. In fact, a puppy that receives an excessive supply of calcium can present health problems such as joint thickening and slower than expected growth.

The veterinarian is the professional in charge of checking your pet’s health, and will be the one who can recommend calcium supplements in the appropriate doses for each moment of your pet’s life. In addition, it is important to know that with a balanced diet, there are many nutrients that your pet will be able to receive in a natural way.

In any case, whatever the age of your pet, it is always advisable that the veterinarian performs periodic check-ups to identify any possible lack of calcium or other nutrients.

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