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Why do cats like to sleep with people?

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Cats, those fascinating furry companions that have conquered our hearts with their elegance and mystery, have a peculiar habit that has puzzled many pet owners over the centuries: they like to sleep with people. Although each cat is unique in its behavior, a preference for sharing a bed with its owners is a common trait in many of them. In this article, we will explore some of the reasons behind this adorable feline behavior.

Reasons why they like to sleep with people

Social bonding and comfort

Cats are social animals, despite their reputation for being independent. Throughout history, cats have developed strong bonds with humans, becoming loyal companions. Sleeping next to their owners reflects their desire to be close to and enjoy the company of those they consider part of their “colony”. In addition, the warmth of the human body and the sense of security provided by the presence of a person can make a cat’s sleep more pleasant.

Instinctive inheritance:

The tendency of cats to sleep near people can be traced back to their wild ancestors. Domestic cats share a genetic connection with African cats, which, in their natural environment, form social groups known as colonies. Sleeping together not only strengthens the bonds within the colony, but also provides protection against predators. Domestic cats, being part of our families, may be expressing ancestral instincts by seeking closeness during the night.

Thermal comfort:

Cats are known for their love of warmth, and our beds are often a source of thermal comfort. Cats’ body temperature is slightly higher than that of humans, and they seek warm places to rest. Sleeping next to a person not only provides them with the necessary warmth, but also allows them to benefit from the symbiotic relationship, as humans generate additional warmth that cats find comforting.

Establishment of hierarchy:

Although cats are not hierarchical animals in the same sense as dogs, some experts suggest that by sleeping with their owners, cats may be marking their position within the family hierarchy. By sharing the resting space with their owners, cats can perceive themselves as equals, thus consolidating the relationship of trust and mutual respect.

Craving for attention:

Cats are curious creatures and often seek attention and affection. Sleeping next to their owners gives them the opportunity to receive caresses and cuddles before falling asleep. For many cats, this nightly ritual is a form of emotional connection that strengthens the bond with their human caregivers.

Combination of factors for which they like to sleep

In conclusion, that cats like to sleep with people is a combination of inherited instincts, heat seeking, need for companionship and the formation of emotional bonds. This feline peculiarity has led many cat owners to share their nights with these adorable furry companions, creating shared experiences full of love and comfort. The next time your cat curls up next to you in bed, remember that this sweet habit is a manifestation of the deep bond they share with you.

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