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Why cats like heights

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Cats like to be in high places for several instinctive reasons. It should be remembered that if cats like heights, it is because this is part of an instinctive behavior that dates back to their wild feline ancestors.

When a person has lived with a feline pet, it is very likely to have noticed that the michis love to climb to high places and watch from there what is going on. It is also quite possible that kittens have a special fondness for napping as much as possible. But do you know why they have this behavior? In this article we tell you some keys to the character of our beloved kittens.

Cats like heights

We already know that cats like heights. But researchers have found the causes of this peculiar habit of domestic felines.

  • Hunting instinct: Wild cats, such as lions and leopards, often rest and stalk from high places to get a better view of their prey and avoid potential dangers. This behavior has been inherited by domestic cats, although they tend to hunt insects or small objects rather than larger prey.
  • Survival instinct. It should be noted that cats have a highly developed survival instinct. This means that cats have a strong sense of vigilance and like to be in a place where they can see around them. Being in an elevated location gives them a sense of security, as they can see their potential enemies from afar. That is, their stay in high places gives them a sense of security and control over their environment. From above, they can observe without being seen and feel more protected from potential predators.
  • Temperature: In high places, cats can be cooler, especially in warm climates. The air tends to be cooler and circulates better, which can be pleasant for them.
  • TerritorialityCats are territorial by nature, and occupying a high place can be a way to mark their territory or simply to make sure they have their own exclusive space. If there are other pets or even small children in the house, cats will climb as high as possible and observe the environment from a privileged position.
  • Exercise and funClimbing and jumping to reach high places is a form of physical and mental exercise for cats. It provides them with a stimulating and entertaining activity. That is why many objects for cats are designed in such a way that they can climb on them and have fun.

Cat balance

In addition to the above reasons, it should be known that cats have a great sense of balance, which allows them to climb to the highest places without any problem. In addition to its panoramic view of its surroundings, the height is perfect for your kitty. Remember also that cats like to explore their environment and being in the highest places allows them to have a better understanding of the place. This allows them to see where their enemies are, their friends and what is going on around them.

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