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What care a pug needs to be healthy

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Pugs or pugs are a canine breed originating in China that has won the hearts of many families. This is both because of its adorable appearance and because it tends to have a very calm, balanced and at the same time cheerful character. In this article we tell you about the care that a pug should have to maintain a good state of health.

Pug care

Pugs are classified as a small species. They are short in stature and massive in appearance. Muscular in build, they also have a powerful jaw. Like boxers and bulldogs, pugs are known as brachycephalics. This is due to its flat face and short muzzle. Pugs are among the thirty most popular breeds in the world.


Like any other dog, a pug will need regular exercise. However, exercise must be adapted to the characteristics and needs of each dog.

Pugs can have breathing difficulties, precisely because of the small size of their muzzle. That’s why it’s important to watch for signs of fatigue when you’re exercising. If you notice that he/she is breathing too sharply, you should stop the exercise.


Pugs can have a tendency to put on weight, so it is necessary to provide them with a good quality food, appropriate to their age and build. In addition, some studies reveal that people often overfeed pugs, creating problems such as increased difficulty breathing.

It should be noted that a dog with these characteristics is more likely to become seriously ill if it is overweight. It is advisable to follow the veterinarian’s recommendations for feeding and other care so that your pug has the best quality of life and is healthy and happy.


Pugs have a short, smooth coat, which with little care can do well. It is important that you brush your dog’s coat on a regular basis. This can be done with a rubber brush. You can complete the brushing with a hard bristle brush.

Pugs can change their coat, so in times of moulting it will become necessary to increase the frequency of brushing our dog.

Brushing is important not only to keep your dog looking good, but also to detect possible parasites. Another thing to keep in mind is that pugs tend not to like handling very much. But if you get him used to brushing from an early age, it will be easier to handle him later on, which is necessary due to his small size.

Pug bath

You should bathe your pug when it is really necessary. To do so, you can use products specifically formulated for canine hygiene. The problem with baths is that pugs do not do well with temperature changes, so you must dry them very well to avoid chills.

Another problem is that because they have many folds in their face and body, they tend to retain more moisture and fungi and bacteria could proliferate. That is why you must dry it very well after bathing.

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