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What are the most recommended games to raise a dog’s spirits?

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Lifting a dog’s spirits and keeping him entertained is important for his mental and emotional well-being. This is because dogs are very affectionate and sensitive animals that, like us, sometimes need a little entertainment to lift their spirits. That’s why games are a great way to keep a dog happy and healthy.

If you have ever wondered what are the most recommended games to raise a dog’s spirits, in this post we tell you about some of them.

In addition to the fact that play has the potential to lift your pet dog’s mood, recent research has shown that olfactory play produces improvements in mood. That is why games where the sense of smell is involved are usually the best to make your dog feel more motivated and happy.

Games to lift a dog’s spirits

In general, playing with your dog is a great way to keep him happy, entertained and bonding. Take note of this selection of games for your dog, where the idea is to stimulate the sense of smell.

  • Search and find: This game is simple and effective. Hide treats or toys in different places in your house or garden and allow your dog to search for them using his nose. Start with easy places and, as your dog improves, increase the difficulty.
  • Food puzzles: Use interactive toys or puzzles designed for dogs that allow them to work for their food. Fill these toys with kibble or treats and watch your dog solve the riddle to access his food.
  • Trail tracking games: Place pieces of food or treats on a track or path and guide your dog to follow the scent trail. You can do this in your garden or on a walk in the woods.
  • Box games: Place treats in different cardboard boxes and let your dog find them. You can hide the boxes in a room and encourage your dog to explore and discover what’s inside.

Other games

There are many games that will catch your dog’s attention. For example:

  • Tug-of-war: Playing tug-of-war with a rope or sturdy toy is a great way to expend energy and strengthen the bond with your dog.
  • Hide and seek: You can play hide and seek behind a door or piece of furniture and then call your dog to find you. When he does, give him a reward and praise.
  • Obstacle course: Set up a small obstacle course in your yard or at home using cones, hoops and other safe objects. Guide your dog through the course with commands and reward him when he completes the course.
  • Socialization with other dogs: If you have access to other friendly dogs, organizing play sessions with them can be very beneficial to lift your dog’s spirits. Social play is important to their emotional well-being.

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