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Mobile applications focused on cats

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Technology has crossed all the spaces of humanity and, of course, it could not leave aside our beloved pets. Add to that the fact that smartphones are part of people’s lives, and the conclusion is that developers have made cat-focused cell phone applications.

In this post we have prepared a review of some of the most popular apps for kittens and also for pets in general. This is one of the many functions that technology can provide to give well-being to the kittens. Take note!

Cat-focused applications

There are several cat-focused mobile apps that can help you care for, entertain and learn more about your feline pet. Here are some popular cat-focused apps.

  • My Cat: This application allows you to record important information about your cat, such as medical history, vaccinations and veterinary appointments. You can also track your weight and set reminders.
  • Cat Clicker Training: If you are interested in training your cat, this application provides you with a clicker training tool that you can use to teach your cat basic commands and tricks.
  • Pet First Aid: Although not specific to cats, this app offers information on pet first aid, which can be useful in case of an emergency.
  • Relax My Cat: This application plays music and sounds designed to relax cats. It can be useful in situations of stress or anxiety, such as visits to the veterinarian or storms.
  • Cat Translator: Although it cannot realistically translate cat language, this application offers sounds and phrases that you can play to “communicate” with your cat in a fun way.
  • Paint for Cats: Similar to the app mentioned above, this app turns the touch screen into a virtual canvas on which cats can “paint” while chasing moving dots.
  • Cat Fishing 2: Created by Friskies, this application features fishing games with animated fish swimming on the screen. Cats can touch the fish to catch them.
  • Game for Cats: Offers several games designed specifically for cats, including a laser light, a virtual mousetrap and a swimming fish game that appears on the touch screen.
  • Cat Alone 2: A sequel to the Cat Alone application, it offers a variety of interactive games, such as a moving butterfly and a laser pointer.
  • Cat Scanner: This is a tool with which you can determine the breed of the cat through a photo. It is available free of charge for iOS and Android.

Care and attention

These apps can provide entertainment, useful information and resources for your cat’s care. However, keep in mind that no application should replace the physical care and attention you give your pet. Also, make sure your cat is enjoying the experience safely and will not damage your mobile device.

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