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Mistakes we frequently make with cats

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Do you have a cat and think you know everything about how to treat it? In this article we will tell you about some of the mistakes that people tend to make with cats due to ignorance or carelessness. Pay attention to avoid this kind of mistakes with your kitten.

Your cat pets can be very independent, but they are also usually affectionate, although sometimes they have a straightforwardly surly behavior. The reality is that cats are creatures that have accompanied people for many centuries. This means that it is a species that has been domesticated to live in the company of humans.

What it means is that cats really like the company of people, they just show it in a different way than a dog would. That is why it is necessary to take into account some recommendations so that your cat has a good life next to you.

The most frequent mistakes with cats

  1. Try to calm him if he is defensive. If you notice that your cat is defensive, you may be making a mistake if you try to calm or even reprimand him. Conversely, if you notice your cat with such an attitude, you should avoid trying to calm or reprimand it. If your cat repeatedly exhibits this type of behavior, you may need to consult a professional. To recognize this behavior, knowing your body posture is important. For example, a cat on the offensive will have stiff hind legs and a downward sloping back.
  2. Having plants at home without knowing if they are toxic. This is one of the most frequent mistakes with cats in homes, because there are species that are common in homes that are toxic to cats. For example, lilies or lilies are very common plants in the home, but they have components that are toxic to cats. Of course, to be fatal, the amount they should ingest is very high, but it is better to prevent intoxication and avoid these plants if you have a cat at home.
  3. Give orders to your cat. A very bad idea regarding the upbringing of your cat is to try to give him orders with shouts or strident sounds or to try to make him learn with spankings or blows. In principle, screams and noises affect the hearing sensitivity of cats. In addition, they will not turn out because of their character. Remember that they will not respond to commands as a dog might. The important thing is to develop habits that respect their needs.
  4. Dry feeding. This is another common mistake with cats at home. We tend to think that the dry food we buy in pet stores is enough to cover their needs. But the problem is that feeding only dry food to your cat could lead to long-term health problems. This is because cats are adapted to lower water consumption, so part of the liquids are ingested with the food. If you feed them only feed, in the long run they could have problems such as kidney stones or other pathologies. It is advisable to give them wet meals as well

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