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Main behavioral problems of cats and their solutions

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Cats can be adorable companion animals. But they can also sometimes present certain behavioral problems that can generate a lot of discomfort at home. In this article we comment on what are usually the most frequent behavioral problems in cats. We also discuss possible solutions and how to prevent them.

It should be noted that some of these problems may take some time to resolve. It is also important to know that patience with your kitty can be the fundamental factor for the solution. However, despite this, it may be necessary to seek the help of an animal behaviorist. He or she will be able to help you understand what is going on with your pet.

Behavioral problems in cats

The most common behavioral problems in cats may include the following:

Furniture scraping

The need to sharpen the nails is natural for any feline and also for your kitten. He may look for any surface such as furniture, carpets and others to sharpen his nails, with consequent shredding. There are different types of scratching posts on the market that you can provide to your pet so that it can sharpen its nails there and not keep breaking household objects.

Marking territory

Felines are territorial animals. Some of the strategies they use to mark their territory involve urinating in different places. A domestic cat, even if it has its litter box to relieve itself, may urinate outside of it or even in other places in the home.

To avoid this behavior you should clean the areas where he has urinated very well with an enzyme cleaner. This way your cat will realize that it is not a suitable place to urinate. You should also make sure that the litter box is large enough and in good condition.


Occasionally, cats may behave aggressively towards people, other cats and dogs. This may be a sign of anxiety or a way of expressing that they need a greater amount of attention. Occasionally, a cat may meow excessively when bored or when it needs attention.

You can try to solve this type of behavior by providing your cat with a sufficient amount of toys. You can also devote attention to him during a certain part of the day and play with him. In this way, you will largely avoid their boredom and their behavioral problems will be more likely to disappear.

How to deal with these behavioral problems in cats?

The most important thing when your cat presents behavioral problems is to identify the cause of the behavior. Once you have determined why they are behaving inappropriately, you can take the appropriate steps to correct them.

An important recommendation is to establish routines for your cat. This includes feeding times, but should also include times to spend time playing with him. This will help you maintain a regular pattern and avoid stress. Remember that your cat must have a comfortable and safe place to sleep indoors.