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How to prevent your cat from climbing on your bed?

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Many cat owners wonder how to prevent their cat from climbing on the bed. While sharing a bed with a cat pet is a good idea for many people, for others it can affect them in several ways. For example, some very light sleepers may be uncomfortable with the purring of the kitty. Other people may even be allergic to sleeping with a cat.

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In any case, it is very common for cats to like to climb on the bed. They tend to be attracted by the comfort and softness of the beds. The first thing you must do to prevent your cat from climbing on your bed is to understand why he does it. Cats feel safe and comfortable at elevated heights, so climbing onto the bed is a way of seeking safety. They may also be looking for warmth and comfort, as a bed is a warm and cozy place. Once you understand why your cat climbs on the bed, you can begin to take steps to prevent it.

Preventing your cat from climbing on the bed

Here are some strategies you can try to keep your cat out of your bed. Take note!

  • Provide a comfortable bed for your cat: Make sure your cat has its own comfortable bed in a quiet part of the house. You can add soft blankets or pillows to make it cozier.
  • Use natural repellents: Some cats are not a fan of the smell of certain herbs, such as lavender or mint. You can scatter some of these dried herbs around your bed to deter your cat from approaching.

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  • Use double-sided tape: Place double-sided tape on the areas of your litter where your cat tends to jump. Many cats do not like the sticky feeling on their paws and will avoid the area.
  • Keep the door closed: The most effective way to prevent your cat from climbing on your bed is to keep your bedroom door closed. This requires consistency in remembering to close the door whenever you leave.
  • Use a baby gate: If keeping your bedroom door closed is not an option, you can install a baby gate or a gate with a cat flap. This will allow air to circulate while keeping your cat outside.
  • Positive reinforcement training: If you catch your cat in the litter, do not punish it, as this can cause stress and make the litter even more attractive. Instead, use positive reinforcement. When your cat is in its own bed or on the floor, praise it and reward it with treats or cuddles.

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  • Cover your bed: Use a light blanket or sheet to cover your bed when you are not using it. Some cats are less tempted to jump on a covered surface.
  • Keep the litter less attractive: Avoid leaving objects on the litter that may be attractive to your cat, such as toys, blankets or clothes.


Remember that each cat is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. Patience and consistency are key when trying to train your cat to stay off the bed. Also, keep in mind that ultimately some cats simply prefer to be close to their owners and rest on the bed, so it’s important to balance your expectations with your cat’s natural desire to be close to you.

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