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How to prepare your dog for a long car trip

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Car trips are often exciting and fun for dogs. But if it’s a long car trip, there may be a few things that need to be done to make it go smoothly. The reality is that in some cases, long car trips can be a bit difficult for dogs. The idea is to make it a pleasant experience for everyone, so it is advisable to prepare your pet to have a good time on the trip.

Preparing your dog for a long trip by car

A long car trip usually requires some planning. And if you are traveling with your pet, even more so. Let’s see what things you can do to make it all go very well.

  • Visit to the veterinarian. The first thing to do is to check your dog’s general health. For this it is essential that the veterinarian determines that your dog is well enough to undertake the long car journey. In addition, he may prescribe some medications to prevent stress or to keep the dog from getting dizzy.
  • Get used to the car. If your dog doesn’t know the inside of your car, you can start showing it to him with the engine off. Let him get in and familiarize himself with the space inside the car. You can also put some objects that are soothing to him such as a blanket or some of his toys. After a first period, try short trips so that he already knows and understands what riding in the car is all about.
  • Prepare the space. There are certain accessories you will need to travel with your dog. For example, a blanket for him to lie on, a leash for his safety, which should not be a safety belt but a special object for dogs. You should also provide some toys and water.

Traveling with your dog

Ideally, your dog should get used to traveling by car as a puppy. If this is not possible, it is good to follow the steps a little at a time so that you do not stress yourself unnecessarily. For example, when you make the short trips of the habituation period, give him a treat at the end of the walk. This will reinforce travel as a positive thing.

Once on the trip, it is good to make regular stops. This way your dog can stretch his legs, drink water and relieve himself. This will make the trip more bearable and your dog will be more active instead of being stressed or bored.

A good idea may be to carry your dog in a transport crate. This way you are likely to be more comfortable and at ease. Of course, it is not recommended that you take it on a long trip once in the box. On the contrary, it is necessary for him to know and learn that being in the transport box is good for the journey.

You can teach them to ride in the crate on short trips and when they finish, give them a reward. This will go a long way toward helping him relate travel to positive situations.

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