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How to make a puppy comfortable when traveling in a kennel

It is essential to get dogs used to being in a carrier. This is reported on specialized websites such as Pet Zone. For this purpose, it is advisable to start moving by means of these sets from a very early age.

If you do not want your canine, who is only a few months old, to be afraid of this product, it is of vital importance that he is comfortable in it and, above all, that he does not feel pressured. In this sense, there are several keys that you should put into practice. Applying them correctly you will obtain an unbeatable result.

Previous steps

We insist on a mistake that is quite common, especially in those who have never had a puppy before and do not know that it can be very harmful to force him into the carrier: do not do it. It is advisable that the first few times the set is out of the trunkspecifically in the interior of your home.

Place it on the floor and, immediately afterwards, insert some knick-knacks of those that you usually give him when he behaves well or does some action correctly, preferably the typical little bones. If necessary, place an additional toy of those that he likes so much.

In this way the puppy will overcome the initial barrier of entering an unfamiliar space. If you can’t get it either by following these steps, it is not a bad idea to put inside some garment that smells like you. Everything is little to ensure that this corner is internalized by the dog as something familiar and that it will not be harmful to him.

Location of the carrier

It is common for carriers to be placed in the trunk. However, do not do the same with the one intended for a small-sized dog. Even large breed puppies are small in size.

Regardless of the type of dog you are taking care of, if it is at an early age and not yet bulky, it is advisable to place it on the floor of the vehicle. it is advisable to put it on the floor of the vehicle. Specifically, it is the Dirección General de Tráfico itself that says where it should go: behind the front seats. As a result, the assembly is protected without being affected in terms of stability by any possible swaying.

In the moments of greatest distress, which can arise the first few times when the canine does not know what is happening, it is essential that it can maintain eye contact with you. So, if you are driving the car, make sure it is behind the passenger seat with the door facing you. Seeing you will give him confidence and peace of mind.

Space: the most important thing

As we have mentioned in previous lines, it is crucial to accustom the small canine by means of toys and treats. However, it is not advisable to saturate the set with too many elements. It is preferable that there is sufficient space.

Just as people have a tendency to change their posture when we are in bed, dogs – especially puppies – must also be able to do so. If they find themselves in a scarce space, they will feel frustrated, with all the negative consequences that this entails.

Non-aggressive driving, especially when cornering

We’ve all been there: we’re late getting to where we’re going and the road layout is far from optimal for a smooth and stable drive. driving that is both calm and stable.. Avoid it by all means when traveling with your puppy.

For example, if you have to go to the veterinarian, leave with enough time to spare. Aggressive driving is the main enemy of small dogs that want to be comfortable in the carrier. Take the curves at a moderate speed and avoid sudden accelerations.