How to keep your cat from playing with house decorations

juegue con los adornos de la casa
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Having a cat as a pet can be a wonderful experience. Their curiosity and playful nature can brighten up the home. However, sometimes this same playful nature can lead to your adorable feline becoming curious about the decorations in the house, which can cause accidents and damage. In this post we present some effective strategies to prevent your cat from playing with the decorations in the house.

How to prevent him from playing with the decorations in the house

  1. Provide appropriate toys: Cats need stimulation and entertainment. Providing them with a variety of toys, such as balls, toy mice, catnip toys or even climbing structures, can help redirect their attention and energy to more appropriate objects to play with. Interacting with your cat with these toys will also foster a stronger bond between the two of you.
  2. Safe and sturdy ornaments: Opt for ornaments that are sturdy and less susceptible to damage from feline mischief. Avoid fragile objects, especially those made of glass or porcelain, which could easily break if your cat knocks them over or plays with them.
  3. Secure delicate ornaments: Place fragile or valuable ornaments on high shelves or in closed display cases, out of your cat’s reach. This way, you will not only protect your decorations, but also prevent your cat from getting hurt if these objects break.
  4. Use natural repellents: Some cat repellents, such as peppermint, citronella or vinegar, can deter cats from playing with certain objects. Apply these scents strategically on decorations or in areas where your cat usually plays to discourage his interest.
  5. Training and redirection: Positive reinforcement training can be effective in teaching your cat what is and is not allowed. Use praise and rewards when he plays with his designated toys rather than the decorations in the house. Also, when you notice that your cat is about to play with the decorations, distract his attention by redirecting it to his toys or to an activity he enjoys.
  6. Supervision and proper discipline: Supervise your cat as he explores the house and correct his behavior if he tries to play with the decorations. Use a firm tone of voice and discourage their action, but avoid physical punishment, as this could generate fear or anxiety in your pet.
  7. Safe alternatives: Consider providing your cat with a variety of toys and accessories specifically designed to meet its instinctive needs for hunting, exploration and play. Cat trees, tunnels, or interactive toys can keep his mind occupied and keep him away from objects that could cause problems.

Appropriate strategies and patience

Cats are naturally playful and curious animals, but with the right strategies and patience, it is possible to prevent them from playing with household decorations. Providing safe and appropriate alternatives for play, securing delicate objects, and providing training and supervision are essential steps in maintaining a harmonious and safe home for your cat and your decorations. Remember that consistency in the application of these strategies is key to achieving successful results.

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