All is not lost in feline oncology!

Unfortunately, until some time ago, the detection of cancer in our kitty put us in front of a terrible decision if there was no chance of surgery. However, nowadays, there are several therapeutic possibilities other than surgery that, without being considered curative, can greatly improve the quality of life.

First of all: What is feline cancer?

Cancer in the cat is defined, as in humans, as a persistent disordered and excessive cell growth outside the normal control mechanisms of the organism. In this way, an abnormal mass is produced that lacks purpose, called a tumor, which generates an imbalance in the normal development of the body’s tissues in terms of energy. This is how it progressively destroys the proper functioning of the animal’s body.

Alternative therapies

As we have already seen, we often have to resort to surgery to remove the tumor, which is often the best option. However, there are currently other less invasive options for our cat such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and cryosurgery, as well as other alternative disciplines such as homeopathy, immunotherapy and holistic medicine.

Likewise, many studies affirm that certain cancers can be prevented or at least their negative effects can be lessened, such as breast cancer in females through early spaying.