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How to care for and keep a ferret as a pet

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Ferrets are very cute little animals and can be great pets if you are thinking of getting an exotic pet. Just like any other pet, when you adopt an animal you must keep in mind that they need specific care and that you will become the person responsible for giving it to them. In this article we tell you how to take care of a ferret and the main aspects you should take into account to keep it happy and healthy.

Caring for a ferret

To take care of a ferret, you don’t need very sophisticated or complex care. This is a species with a friendly and independent character, but they will also be good companions. In addition, depending on the sex they can be a little different: females tend to be more playful and active, while males are calmer.

A healthy ferret has a life expectancy of between five and ten years. In some cases, they can adapt to walking on a leash just like a dog or cat. They also like to sleep a lot and you will have to respect their rest periods. In general, they are usually very active at dawn and dusk.


Ferrets are carnivores, so they need a diet rich in animal protein. In general, pet stores offer special foods for ferrets. You should not feed them food for other species such as dogs or cats, as they could get sick.

It is also necessary to provide your ferret with fresh, clean water. To do this, you can change the container where he will drink water every day.


Caring for a ferret also requires that it has time to play and explore. For this it is necessary that it has enough space so that it can move and play at its leisure. This can be both inside their cage and outside. In the latter case, you must make sure that the space is safe and that it cannot escape.

Having a curious nature, ferrets have a tendency to run away or get into dangerous places. Therefore, if you leave them out of the cage, they must be under supervision so that they don’t get into trouble or get lost.


A ferret’s cage must have a space where the animal can move, play and feel comfortable. It is important that it contains some toys and accessories to keep it happy and entertained.

For example, your ferret’s cage may have a tunnel for him to get in and out of. You can also have a hammock. I’m sure you’ll love swinging on it.

It is necessary that the cage has a litter box. This should be cleaned regularly, as this way you can ensure hygiene and prevent diseases in your pet.


Last but not least, you must ensure your ferret’s health with frequent visits to the veterinarian. He or she will be in charge of pointing out a vaccination plan, as well as regular check-ups to ensure that they are in good health.