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How dog beaches are getting better and better

Pets have become a member of the family. There is no doubt about that. The pampering and attention we give them is increasing. Something that is so noticeable in the money we invest in our pets, in their health and welfare, as well as in the public policies that, for years, the different public administrations have been carrying out to protect animals. that, for years, the different public administrations have been carrying out to protect animals.

The approval of the recent Animal Law is a consequence of this evolution. However, long before that, theocal administrations have been creating spaces for the enjoyment of our animals. such as, for example, dogs. In addition to dog parks, the investment and improvement in
dog-friendly beaches
is today an unquestionable reality. In fact, there are many municipalities that have designed this beach offer as one of their arguments when it comes to attracting tourism, both national and international.

To make this “pet friendly” strategy possible and to be able to position themselves as reference destinations, the improvement of these beaches is constant and they have not ceased to evolve with new adapted services in recent years.

More than a decade of work

As explained in the Zooplus Magazine, the first official dog beach in Spain was registered in 2010 on the Costa Brava, specifically in Empuriabrava (Girona). Since then, thirteen years have passed in which hundreds of municipalities have joined this first step and have dedicated a part of their coastline to be enjoyed by the animals.

The increase in the number of pets in Spain, together with a greater awareness of their welfare on the part of their owners, has also boosted the demand for this type of adapted beaches. The data managed by the specialized portal “HotelesMascotas” show thate in Spain had in the summer of this year, 2023, more than 100 dog-friendly beaches along the entire Spanish coast.. There are probably more.

This coastal offer goes far beyond giving permission for dogs to go in the water, on the sand or on the rocks, depending on the type of beach. Nowadays, tour operators have adapted many of their services to make enjoying the beach much more pleasant for both owners and animals.

Thus, these beaches are already designed with pets in mind and some are beginning to include sandboxes, showers, play areas and water adapted for them to cool off. include sandboxes, showers, play areas and water adapted to allow them to cool off. and swimming. At the same time that more and more people are going to the beach with their pets, there are many entrepreneurs who have seen the possibility of creating a business out of a necessity.

Hence, in many of the dog-friendly beaches it is common to see dog-friendly businesses and stores in the surrounding area: bars with menus for themveterinarians, dog hairdressers or specialized stores to buy toys and other accessories.

This type of business can be seen on beaches all along the Spanish coast. In the province of Alicante, for example, Punta del Riu Beach in El Campello has a wide variety of restaurants and bars in the vicinity where dogs are welcome and where they can eat or drink without any problem. where dogs are welcome and where they can eat or drink without any problem.

In Andalusia, for example, it was in 2019, when the dog beach of Torre del Mar became the first to receive the “Q” for Quality in Andalusia. Inaugurated for use by dogs in August 2016 and formed by fine sand, this space has become one of the favorites to go to in the province of Malaga with pets. The sandy area has an area of 150-square-meter (150-square-meter) pipicáns and another play area with a swing, balance bars, a tunnel or jumping wheels.

A commitment to cleanliness and sustainability

As a natural resource, a beach must also be cared for. For this reason, the municipal authorities are working hard to promote cleanliness and sustainability. In particular, many municipalities are implementing ecological measures such as cleaning and recycling programs to keep the sandy beaches clean.

In addition to this, there are awareness campaigns among owners to encourage environmentally to encourage environmentally friendly behavior. and, at the same time, respect the canine furniture present. Canine beaches have established themselves in Spain as an important first class recreational spaces for the enjoyment of pets, offering servicesoffering services, designs and experiences designed exclusively for them.

This will increase in the coming years as more and more people, both local citizens and international tourists, are not willing to leave their pets at home or in shelters during their vacations. Hence, the work of promoting tourism in these areas is increasing. What will be the upcoming innovations to enhance our dogs’ beach experience? We are sure to see them soon.