Teach your dog to paw the leg

It is a sign of respect and affection towards our pet the intention to teach him tricks, because they not only serve to entertain us and make fun in front of the guests, but you are reinforcing basic aspects such as obedience, intelligence, intelligence, and intelligence or learning.

teach dog to pawSome tips for training your dog

To get your puppy to paw you, the first thing you need to do is to be patient. He’s not going to learn it the first time and you may end up more exhausted than he is, so the key is to take it easy and spread the training sessions over several days.

You should do it in a place where there are hardly any distractions for your little friend; also try to have silence or, failing that, little noise.

Okay, once we have the previous considerations, have the dog sit on his hindquarters and give the command with clarity and a single word: “paw” is good. While giving the command, take his paw and gently extend it towards you. Have him familiarize himself with the command two or three times. From then on, every time you give him the command and catch his paw, give him a few caresses, some nice words or even some food.

It won’t take your puppy long to associate the command if you do it right. You know, don’t insistently repeat the word “paw” if you don’t show him the movement he has to do next, as that will confuse him.