Find out which words make your dog happy

If you have a dog, you’ve probably noticed that he understands a good part of the words you say to him. To take this to the next level, a group of researchers conducted a recent study revealed that there are some words that make your dog happy. 00While dogs do not understand the literal meaning of words, they may associate certain sounds or tones with positive experiences. Although each dog is unique and may respond differently, some common words or sounds can generate happiness in them. Find out what they are in this post.

Words that make your dog happy

If you want your puppy to get happy and start jumping up and down or wagging its tail very fast, try the words the researchers selected. OnBuy conducted a study in the UK to identify which phrases dogs understand and react best to, considering their heart rates.

The word “ride” is placed in first place. The study revealed that when someone mentions this word, the pet’s heart rate can increase by up to 36%. Other words that capture a dog’s attention are “treat,” “catch,” “catch him,” “catch him,” and “toy.

Another phrase that excites dogs is “food.” When they hear this word, your pet knows that one of their favorite moments is coming up. Just like humans, dogs enjoy delicious food. They can also understand synonyms such as “dinner”, “eat”, among others.

The truth is that every pet has its own language and their owners usually know it very well. Some will observe how their dog reacts with joy, wagging its tail or showing affection when they hear certain words. The idea is that with the words that we left you before, you discover which are the ones that provoke that response. You can also have your keywords with your pet and add some others that could make your faithful companion very happy.


When there is a close relationship between dogs and people, people usually know what words make their pets happy or respond obediently.

Studies show that our lovable four-legged friends can understand up to 100 words, but there are breeds that go beyond that and understand up to 165 terms.

For example, breeds such as boxers or beagles do not pick up as many words, while Chihuahuas or Australian Shepherds tend to react and understand more quickly what their owners express.

In addition, dogs are very sensitive animals that can feel the love and affection we give them. This is reflected in their behavior, as they become very happy when we speak to them with affection and words of encouragement. It is important that we understand how dogs communicate so that we can better understand their needs and meet them.

In general, dogs tend to respond more to their owners’ tone of voice, intonation and nonverbal cues. They can pick up on human emotions through tone of voice and body language, allowing them to adapt their behavior accordingly.

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