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Do you want to have a clownfish in your aquarium? This is all you need

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The clownfish has a particular appearance that makes it very popular to keep in aquariums. Its characteristic orange color and the white stripes that run through it make it a very eye-catching specimen for many people. Read on and find out what these beautiful fish need to live at home.

Care for clownfish

In general, fish of this species are quite hardy and usually adapt quickly and easily to new environments. But it is also necessary to know that they have certain needs and require some particular care. For example:

  • For every clownfish you have in an aquarium, 75 liters of water are required. So, if you decide to have a couple of clownfish, you will need about 150 liters of water.
  • The aquarium temperature should be between 24 and 27 degrees Celsius. This is because clownfish are tropical and need moderately warm and of course clean water. You can use a thermometer to make sure that the temperature is correct.
  • Clownfish feed on crustaceans and plants. They also feed on the plankton that usually accumulates on the bottom of aquariums.
  • The aquarium must have the appropriate salinity parameters, since it is a marine fish.
  • Anemones must be part of the clownfish habitat. Under natural conditions, anemones are the great allies of clownfishes, as they are immune to the venom of the tentacles and often shelter among them to protect themselves from other predators. That is why it is necessary to include them in the aquarium: this way your clownfish will be much happier. If you have more than one clownfish, you should have at least one anemone for each of them. Otherwise, they may fight among themselves
  • Clownfish are usually quite territorial, so it is not advisable to introduce new specimens. In fact, they may become aggressive in these types of new situations.

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