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Benefits of having a dog at home for children

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Parents often wonder what it will be like for dog pets to live with children. Well, the answers lie in recent studies that reveal the benefits of having a dog in the house for children. Read on to find out why dogs are good for kids!

Benefits of having a dog at home with children

  1. Reduces stress levels in children. Spending time at home with a dog generates a reduction in children’s stress levels. Sometimes the stress reduction is greater than what they can achieve with relaxation exercises. A study revealed that the company of a dog significantly reduced cortisol levels in children. The measures resulted in a greater reduction than that obtained in relaxation sessions.
  2. Helps reinforce socialization and speech skills. It has been shown that frequent contact between dogs and children can help children reinforce their socialization skills. It can also help improve psychomotor and certain speech-related functions. Another advantage is that contact with dogs reduces anxiety levels in children.
  3. Reduces the risk of allergies and asthma. Contrary to what one might think, having a canine pet at home reduces the risk of allergies and asthma in children by about 15%. A recent research conducted in Sweden came to this surprising conclusion after analyzing more than one million children living with dogs.
  4. Playing with dogs can reduce aggression. Playing with a dog can help decrease levels of aggression in children. In general, this type of games can calm hyperactive or aggressive children, always taking into account some behavioral guidelines so that they behave correctly.

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