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8 reasons why your cat loves boxes

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Imagine this scene: you buy a special toy in a store for your spoiled kitty. But, far from being interested in the toy you brought him, your kitty is fascinated by the box. The reality is that this situation is well known to cat owners. In this post we tell you some of the reasons why your cat loves boxes.

Cats love boxes for several reasons related to their natural behavior and instincts. Animal behavior experts have studied this strange fascination cats have for boxes and have come to some conclusions.

Reasons why your cat loves boxes

We are going to detail some explanations that will help you understand why your cat loves boxes.

  1. Shelter and security: In the wild, cats are predators as well as prey for other animals. The boxes provide an enclosed, protected space that gives them a sense of security and shelter. It allows them to hide and observe their surroundings without feeling exposed.
  2. Territory: Cats are territorial animals and mark their environment by means of pheromones on their bodies. By entering a box, they may feel that they are creating a small, safe and familiar territory.
  3. Temperature control: Boxes can provide insulation and a warm place to snuggle, especially if they are in an area with soft blankets or clothing inside. Cats are sensitive to temperature and seek comfortable, warm places to rest.
  4. Play and exploration: Boxes are also a form of play and exploration for cats. They like to jump in and out of boxes, hide and stalk, reflecting their hunting behavior and their desire to move in their environment. In addition, this behavior will be stimulating their hunting instinct.
  5. Stress reduction: In new or stressful situations, such as when there are changes in the household or visits to the veterinarian, boxes can provide a place where cats feel safer and less stressed. It is very common for a cat to hide in a box when there are noises or strangers in the house.
  6. Mental stimulation: Boxes can be a place where cats can explore and challenge their cognitive abilities by finding ways in and out or playing inside.
  7. Prey concealment: In the wild, cats may use similar hiding places to stalk prey. The boxes provide them with an opportunity to recreate that behavior even in a domestic environment.
  8. Texture and odor: Boxes are usually made of materials that are attractive to cats in terms of texture and odor. They may scratch, bite and rub against the corners of the boxes.

Fun and safety

In short, cats’ preference for boxes is due to a combination of natural instincts and behaviors inherited from their feline ancestors. That is, having boxes on hand gives them the opportunity to exercise their feline senses and also to feel safe. Providing boxes and other safe and enriching places in your home can be beneficial to your cat’s well-being and contentment.

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