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6 steps to teach your puppy to use a harness

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Teaching a puppy to use a harness is an important process to ensure his comfort and safety when you take him out for a walk. It is important to know that teaching your puppy to use the harness is an important stage in your dog’s life. This is because the harness is a very useful tool to control and guide your dog when you go for a walk.

Why your dog needs a harness to go outdoors

The reality is that if you do not train your puppy to use the harness correctly from an early age, accidents or injuries could occur. To avoid this, in this post we have prepared a list of six steps that can help you get your puppy to wear a harness.

Using the harness in six steps

Here are six steps to guide you in teaching your puppy to use a harness effectively:

  1. Suitable harness. The first thing is to make sure you are choosing the right size harness for your dog. In addition, you should check that it has a design that is specific for young dogs. It should be adjustable so you can adjust it as your puppy grows.
  2. Familiarization. Once you have the harness, you should begin to familiarize your puppy with it. Before attempting to put it on, allow your puppy to explore the harness. Let him smell it and play with it so that he gets used to its presence.
  3. Pleasant experience. It is important that your dog associates the harness with positive experiences. You can do this by giving your puppy treats or toys as you bring him close to the harness. This will help create a positive association.
  4. Step by step. Put the harness on your puppy step by step. Open the harness and place it on his back without buckling it. Then buckle one strap in turn so that he gradually gets used to the feel of the harness.
  5. Rewards and praise. While putting on the harness, offer rewards in the form of treats or praise when he cooperates. This reinforces the idea that using the harness is a positive thing.
  6. Regular practice. Put the harness on your puppy several times a day for a short period of time. This will help you get used to wearing it.

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Other tips

Make sure the harness is properly adjusted so that it is neither too loose nor too tight. It should be snug enough so that it does not slip out, but not so tight as to cause discomfort.

A good idea is that before taking your puppy on outdoor walks in the harness, you should take him for short walks indoors so that he gets used to moving around with it.

Of course, you must have a good dose of patience during this process. While some puppies can adapt quickly, others may need more time. Consistency in practice is key.

Once you notice that your puppy is comfortable in the harness, start with short, positive walks. Take him to familiar places and reward him for good behavior.


Remember that every puppy is different, so it is important to tailor this process to your pet’s individual needs. In addition, always use a harness designed for dogs and avoid pulling roughly on the leash, as this can cause injury or discomfort to your puppy.

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