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How to prevent cat scratches on armchairs

If you see your kitty using the couch to sharpen his claws, don’t get too angry with him. Cat scratches on your living room couches or any of your belongings, although it may not seem like it, are part of their natural behavior.

Cats do this to leave their scent in the home. Some sweat glands are found between its claws and when it scratches objects it leaves its mark, a sign that it lives there. At the same time it keeps its claws sharp.

In a place like the living room, we humans also leave our scent. When the cat impregnates its essence, it also reaffirms its relationship with its human relatives.

You can educate your cat, so that he does not destroy your furniture, if you have patience and the determination to persist until he becomes accustomed to the rules of the household.

A scratching post for cat scratches

In order for your cat to change its behavior, you must provide it with alternatives. And the most viable is a scraper. It works 99% of the time, because it has a rough texture and vertical arrangement, qualities that are very attractive to pussies.

If you place it strategically close to the objects he is used to tearing, as is the case in the living room, it is practically certain to attract his attention.

How to keep it away from armchairs

It is possible that, despite the fact that you have gotten him a scratching post, he persists in the intention of tearing your dressers or armchairs. You can then employ two effective tactics to make them no longer attractive to you.

One is to place sheets of aluminum foil, which is refractory and causes a sensation of rejection. Another is by spraying your couches with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. For us, it is an odorless combination, but for the sensitive nose of the kitty, it is unpleasant and he will be motivated to move away from the place.

A water sprayer

You also need to reaffirm your position, the clear indication that it cannot scratch your armchairs. To do this, you can spray a little water on it with a sprayer. A small fine jet will repel it, and move it away from the area.

Do not abuse this resource, spraying it at any time. Only use it when you see it with the legs ready to act on the furniture. It’s like giving him a little challenge, in a way that the cat can understand. When you see him using the scraper, give him affection. In this way you will reinforce positive behavior and eradicate cat scratching on the couches.

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