4 reasons why cats love cardboard boxes

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Cats are one of the stars and there is no human being who can say that he or she has not been found a video of a cat, or have witnessed it live, doing things particularly eccentric, an innate quality of felines. One of the eccentricities that most arouse curiosity in humans is infinite love. that the kittens have for cardboard boxes.

Regardless of shape, size or the most widely recognized guilty pleasure of the world’s most popular consumers, cardboard boxes. cats, but what is the reason for this? The reasons that lead felines to prefer The most important features of a common box over any new toy are varied, but the most important are These are 4 reasons why cats love cardboard boxes.

The reasons behind the love of cats to cardboard boxes

The main reasons for deep love cats for cardboard boxes range from instinct to the purest of instinct. curiosity. But to get to know the felines a little better, it is necessary to go deeper. in the most common ones:

  • Ideal shelter: in the life of a feral cat, hunting and being considered prey is not only do they have to worry about successfully catching their customers, they also have to worry about possible prey, but also to avoid any enemy attack, and that is something that is in all felines, including domestic ones. Their instinct to look for a place where they feel safe, but which at the same time serves as a place where they can strategic place to stalk and surprise their prey, and the boxes are a strategic to be the ideal place for their purposes.
  • Helps them avoid stress: Cats have a high tendency to suffer from stress and anxiety, especially when they have to face changes or things that are unfamiliar to them. This makes it one of their priorities to get a cozy place that will help them to escape from the world, where they can be sheltered in holy peace from the troubles of the world. and the boxes fulfill this function to perfection. The boxes of not only lower the stress levels of the kittens, but they also help to reduce This also helps them to better adapt to new places, people, and other animals.
  • A valuable tool for keeping warm: cats are known for particularly cold animals compared to other species, because they are particularly cold compared to other species. They appreciate everything that allows them to maintain their warmth to stable levels and to save energy. As cartonboard is a good thermal insulating material, which makes it easier for cats to maintain their temperature. ideal, ranging from 30 to 36 °C.
  • A dynamic toy: the texture of the cardboard boxes makes them very appealing to the child. playful side of the kitty. The relationship between cardboard boxes and cats is extremely dynamic thanks to the different purposes they can be used for. from a personalized scratching post and biting post, through to a place where you can to do yoga, to the ideal place to mark with urine, there are no limits in the imagination of felines.