3 reasons why your dog brings you his toys

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Communication and understanding between different animal species is a complicated task, but of utmost necessity for day-to-day life, especially when it comes to the human-pet relationship. Dogs, even though they cannot speak, have an endless number of gestures and behaviors to express what they feel, being extremely expressive animals.

Several of these behaviors, and as a result of ignorance, are very strange and even frightening for some people. But such behaviors are vital for understanding, as well as for recognizing when something is going right or wrong with the furry one in the house. Among the various existing behaviors, knowing the 3 reasons why your dog brings you his toys could give you more than one surprise.

Showing respect

Fordogs, the pack is the most important thing, and that includes the alpha of the pack, who usually happens to be the person with whom the dog interacts the most or the one who instills the most respect. Going back to their ancestors, they had the custom of bringing food or objects to the chief as a sign of respect, even as a form of submission.

This doggy behavior is a clear sign of his respect for the person, as well as being content with his “mandate as alpha”.

Need for attention and play

When his family leaves home, especially when it is the person he interacts with the most, the dog is saddened and anxiously awaits the arrival of one of the members of the pack. Sometimes because of excess energy and sometimes because he has felt lonely during the expedition of his humans to the outside world.

In the most playful part, the dog uses this tactic to make the person understand that he wants to play with him for a while, or at least receive a little cuddling. In these cases the behavior is usually learned with time and day-to-day interaction.

“I trust you’.

One of the most adorable ways for dogs to express their trust and affection is by bringing the most valuable item in their collection to their human companion, which is usually their favorite toy. This canine behavior is quite common in healthy human-dog relationships and has no negative connotations behind it.

Regardless of whether it is a gesture of trust, respect, need for attention or play, this act always symbolizes a strong and important bond for the dog, so a few caresses or games as retribution are never superfluous.

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