3 ideas to help your dog swim and enjoy the water

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Learning to swim and feel comfortable in the water is a complicated task for both humans and dogs, but if achieved, it becomes one of the greatest sources of satisfaction and fun that can be experienced on a daily basis.

Around the canine world, there is a false myth that all dogs instinctively know how to swim, which leads many people to make fatal mistakes on their four-legged friend’s first swim. That is why it is important for the person to deepen in the art of canine swimming and thus ensure to provide one of the best moments of his life to his companion; But how? Knowing the 3 ideas to help your dog to swim and enjoy the water.

All learning involves a process

The main and most common mistake when teaching a dog to swim is to rush things, not giving the dog time and importance to the step by step that he needs to feel safe in the water. This is something that applies even to breeds that do have a natural swimming instinct, such as Newfoundlands, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and Spanish Water Dogs.

To properly initiate the dog-water interaction, it is necessary to start by getting the dog used to having contact with water, always in shallow places. Children’s pools or bathtubs, or even shores of beaches with little waves, are often used for this purpose. In the process it is always important to make the dog feel that he is in control, and that when he wants to leave he can do so.

Human and canine companionship

There is no more effective way to make a dog feel safe around water than by being next to his favorite human, and if possible, also next to his best doggy friends. The presence of his owner by his side is a great emotional relief for the dog, but above all, the attitude and energy emitted by the person directly influences the dog’s mood.

If his human transmits security and joy about the water, the dog will have more reason to try to get closer to it. But another reason why human presence is so important is because as the dog makes progress in learning to swim, the positive reinforcement given by the human, through petting and treats, will strengthen the dog’s confidence in the water.

Gadgets to make it fun and safe

A must-have item when teaching a dog to swim, especially if it is a breed with morphological complications such as bulldogs, pugs or dachshunds, is a life vest. This tool is of utmost vitality also when taking a canine to the beach, rivers or lakes, regardless of its breed.

In addition to the life jacket, toys play a fundamental role in making the dog feel comfortable and enjoy the water. Throwing toys, always at a safe distance, or stuffed animals are the most common, although these should be made of water-resistant materials to avoid damage.

The other essential element for your dog and his health is to have a container of fresh water at his disposal, drinking water should never be lacking!

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