Why cats love heights

Cats are unique animals, full of singular beauty and elegance, and of course, full of curiosities. It is not uncommon to find a kitty sunbathing, jumping from furniture to furniture or even to see him napping on the fridge, the latter is well known to cat lovers. After all, why do cats love the Heights? For this question there is no single answer and it may vary from feline to feline, but no doubt their motives are as particular as they are.

The relationship between cats and heights: 4 main reasons

Cats have many curious habits and behaviors for humans, each of them driven by a different motive that can range from wanting to feel protected to boredom. The predisposition of cats to walk at heights is no exception to this rule, and its main reasons are as follows:

1. By nature

Heights have always been a good ally for many kittens, especially when it comes to hunting, camouflage and entertainment. High places, such as trees, are an excellent base of operations for felines, as are shelves, refrigerators and even the neighbor’s head!

Superiority and dominance

This reason occurs mainly when there are several cats living together in the same home, because for felines and other animals, being in a high place is a sign of dominance over the other members of the household. So this feline behavior is a clear attempt to say “I am the king here”.

3. A cozy place

Despite what you might think from their fur, cats are cold-sensitive animals, so they never miss an opportunity to look for a cozy place up high to provide warmth, especially from heating.

4. Fear and anxiety

It is not uncommon for the cat, feeling threatened, to seek refuge in the higher parts of the house, especially when it comes to loud noises, other animals and children. In these cases the cat may feel vulnerable to what it believes to be an aggressor, which will sometimes lead it to show nervousness or aggression towards other members of the family.

This behavior is something natural in cats, so it is never advisable to put obstacles or punish them to stop doing it, especially when it is something harmless to them, as this could only generate stress or confusion.

In case they are in a place where their life is at risk, it is best to grab them carefully and take them to a safe place where they cannot easily access the area in question.

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