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What are the best birds to keep as pets in an apartment?

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When it comes to keeping pet birds in an apartment, it is important to consider species that are suitable for smaller spaces and do not cause a nuisance to neighbors. Of course, a bird is an excellent option to have as a pet in small spaces. Remember that these little creatures offer unparalleled companionship and fun and can brighten our days with their songs and colorful plumage.

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However, what are the best birds to keep as pets in an apartment? That is why in this post we have prepared a list of birds that are best adapted to life in small spaces. Take note!

Birds to keep as pets in small spaces

Here are some species of birds that are ideal to keep as pets in small spaces such as apartments.

  1. Parakeets: They are small, colorful and social birds. They are relatively easy to care for and can be trained to interact with humans.
  2. Canaries: They are known for their melodious singing and do not require much human interaction. They are quiet and pleasant birds to watch.
  3. Mandarin Diamonds: These small birds are active and sociable. They can be kept in pairs and are not very noisy.
  4. Bourke’s Parrots: They are small, quiet and soft-colored parrots. They are usually friendly and enjoy human company.
  5. Agapornis parrots: They are small, affectionate birds that form strong bonds with their owners. They can be noisy at times, so make sure they are welcome in your building.
  6. Nymphs: They are known for their playful personality and ability to imitate sounds. They are intelligent birds and can learn tricks and commands.
  7. Australian Parakeets: They are social and active birds that can be trained to interact with humans. They have vibrant colors and charming personalities.
  8. Parrots: These are very popular choices due to their size and sociable nature. They can learn to speak and perform simple tricks.

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Some recommendations

It is important to research and learn about the specific needs of each species before acquiring a pet bird. Take into account aspects such as feeding, space requirements, social interaction and veterinary care. Also, remember that all birds require time and commitment to provide them with a happy and healthy life. Before bringing a bird into your home, also check the rules and regulations of the building in which you live to make sure that feathered pets are allowed.

The size of the apartment must also be taken into account. If it is too small, it is better to opt for small birds, such as canaries, parakeets or parrots. These birds do not need much space to live and are very easy to care for.


Another option is medium-sized parrots, such as cockatoos, lovebirds or grey parrots. These birds are larger than canaries and parakeets, so they need a little more living space. They are also more intelligent and can learn to speak.

You should also do some research on the flying needs of different birds. Some birds need to fly to stay healthy and happy. If the apartment does not have a suitable place for birds to fly, it is better to opt for birds that do not need so much space, such as canaries or parakeets.

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