Tips for caring for your pet if you are going on a trip

Sometimes having a pet becomes a problem when we want to go on vacation or we have a sudden work trip and we can’t find someone to take care of our friend.

Best with friends or family

If you cannot take your pet on a trip, it is advisable to follow some basic tips before deciding where to keep it. The best option, according to specialists, is to leave it in the care of a close and known person, both for you and for the animal.

Veterinarians strongly advise against leaving your pet home alone, even for a short period of time. When you get a pet or adopt one, you make a commitment to its welfare, and pets do not take well to suddenly being alone.

If after a long search among acquaintances you do not find someone who can take care of it, or your friends do not have adequate space to receive your dog or cat, it is best to look for a specialized accommodation such as a veterinary clinic or a pet hotel.

Your pet’s suitcase

In these places, especially in clinics, there are usually specialists who can provide good care for your pet. If you are going to leave your dog or cat in these places, it is necessary that you write down the usual meal times so as not to break the animal’s rules, as well as the walking times. It is also necessary to leave contact information in case of emergency, vaccination records and, if it is a female, to inform if it is in heat.

In addition, it is best to bring your pet freshly bathed with flea shampoo, and you should also bring his bed, his bowl, a collar and a leash at least. If you also leave some of their toys or treats, even better.

Another recommendation is to leave one of your garments with your pet: this way he/she will feel your scent close to him/her and will not feel abandoned.