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The best cold water fish

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Observing life inside a fish tank is one of the most relaxing experiences. It is recommended for those who suffer from stress to get started in the hobby of aquarium keeping. But it is also true that keeping an aquarium in perfect conditions is not easy. You need a lot of time and dedication, and let’s face it, it’s also expensive.

It is best to start with cold water fish. We warn you that fish are very delicate animals and that they are often upset. For this reason, here we tell you which fish are the most resistant.

If we want an exotic fish, our best option is the Koi fish. It is omnivorous and eats practically everything. But if we settle for more everyday colors, although no less beautiful, we have the kitefish, which has the advantage of being more adaptable to the climatic variations of the water.


Both Koi and Comet fish are omnivorous, so we must provide them with quality food. Ideally, it should be composed of seventy percent vegetable and thirty percent animal.

The food should not discolor the water or produce grease on the surface. We will also make sure that it does not sink to the bottom before the fish eat it.


Round fish tanks are bad for fish. The ideal is an aquarium with a capacity of 90 liters with an adequate filtration and air conditioning system.

Every 15 days we will have to clean the sand and change half of the water.