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Norwegian Forest, a cat with a very curious name

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Although it may seem that we are going to talk about some very beautiful area of the Scandinavian country, this is not the case.

Norwegian Forest CatThe Norwegian Forest cat breed is made up of cats that are already known worldwide for their appearance.

I’m sure you’ve already fallen in love with one of them.


As their name suggests, these cats originate from a very cold country, so they have developed their own protective measures in order to survive. These measures make them adorable: they have long hair, but not as long as the Persians, but in a more elegant way if possible. In addition, they are muscular, strong, spirited cats, with a wild look that reminds us of lynxes.


In spite of everything, they are an intelligent choice as pets, since they are very sociable animals, grateful for company, although they feel devotion for heights and it is not very difficult to find them climbing anywhere.