Dogs Feeding

Food and weight control of our dog

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Food and weight control of our dogLiving in the home and adaptation is different for each dog, but your dog’s feeding and weight control should not be neglected because if we do not care about their proper nutrition, balanced and with the appropriate nutrients we could have our pets unbalanced with respect to their ideal weight.

Stress in our pets can cause them to consume more food or perhaps not eat a single bite, this should be a cause for concern. Since we must show our pet love and interest, it is at this point that we must show special care.

Sometimes, as masters, we believe that the dog is always hungry, but it is not so, it also has its regularity in feeding time. There are comparative tables to keep in mind the weight of our pets, for example: A Great Pyrenees has an average weight of 90 kg. If it had a height of 41 cm. A fox terrier of 7 to 8 cm weighs from 16 to 18 kg. Each weight is according to your adult height.

Dog overweight

Just 20% overweight of our weight and it will already bring complications regarding your health such as heart problems, hypertension, arthritis and diabetes. An imbalance of its weight and the ignorance of it will bring complications for example: 1 kg gained out of the normal of your pet would be equivalent in a human to gain between 5 and 7kg. This is of transcendental importance and should be considered when acquiring a puppy.