How to take care of your dog’s eyes and ears

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Does your dog often scratch its ears? Do you keep your eyes If it is closed or partially opened, pay attention, it may be a infection.

Providing the proper care for our pets, goes further than beyond just taking care of their appearance. It is necessary to give importance to hygiene and its surroundings, and not to overlook the signals of the that can alert us about some conditions that may be presenting your pet, these are may require immediate attention in order to avoid greater evils, as is the case of of diseases related to your dog’s eyes and ears.

These conditions are very common and easily contagious, so they can be that constant vigilance must be maintained.

It is important to be aware of the different symptoms that can occur due to your dog’s eye and ear diseases, this will allow you to apply the necessary actions to avoid aggravation of the same. Don’t forget that an expert opinion is always recommended. before applying any type of treatment. The evaluation and diagnosis are essential.

Now, what should you pay attention to? What should you do to take care of your dog’s eyes and ears?

How to take care of your dog’s ears?

The first thing you should implement in the care routine you give them is the inspection of their ears. You can do this weekly, it will allow you to observe any changes, the appearance of the symptoms of an infection early on, or perceive the onset of any foreign body (parasites, ticks or fleas).

Other symptoms to watch out for:

  • He shakes his head constantly.
  • He scratches his ears a lot.
  • Rubs ears against any surface consistently.
  • Redness.
  • Unpleasant odor in the area.
  • Wax build-up or wax discharge.

Some tips:

If you do not observe any irregularities in the check of the ears If your dog’s behavior or the presence of any symptoms of disease, you can continue with the usual cleaning routine every time it’s their turn to take a bath. prevent it from suffering from diseases.

You can perform the cleaning by using drops of The use is very fast, simple and effective. Apply the drops directly into the ear canal and massage from bottom to top, gently.

To clean the outside of your dog’s ears you can use cotton or gauze, this will allow you to remove excess dirt. Remember that you are working in an area delicate.

Finally, try to prevent water or soap from falling into their ears and the use of cotton swabs for cleaning.

How to take care of your dog’s eyes?

If your dog’s eyes are healthy, they will generally be will show clear and bright, if you notice that something is not right, prey to the attention to detail, the symptoms that they may present are similar to those of the that we all suffer in the event of illness.

Symptoms you should be aware of attentive:

  • Keeps eyes narrowed or closed.
  • Ocular secretion or appearance of eye discharge in the form of constant (pay attention to the color of the discharge, if it is yellow or green, infection).
  • Irritated eyes.
  • He constantly scratches this area.

Some tips:

Include in the daily routine the cleaning of spider webs or secretion, especially in the mornings, this will help you avoid infections. You can do it using a gauze or cotton, if they are hard you can moisten it. to facilitate the work.

Special drops for care and cleaning are also available. of your dog’s eyes, which can help prevent disease.

Always protect this area during bathing, avoiding that any product or dirt gets into your eyes.

Always try to keep the eye area clear. Regular trimming of the hair on both the upper and lower parts of the hair. between your eyes is a recommended practice.

Do not forget to visit the specialist regularly and consult with him about any symptoms you observe, timely treatment and If the proper care is necessary, their wellbeing is your responsibility.

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