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Chi Chi, the little dog who spent her life hanging waiting to become food, but was rescued!

chi chi labrador

In South Korea, dogs are food. Countless dogs are slaughtered every day as a business for the meat industry and put on the plates of Koreans.

The story of Chi Chi, a little dog destined to die, sacrificed to become food, has touched our hearts…

Chi Chi is a Labrador retriever who from the day she was born was hung up waiting to become a saleable product. A meat company held Chi Chi since she was just a puppy and hung her upside down by all four legs for a long period of time waiting for her to become a juicier and more palatable food.

But the company got out of hand, left Chi Chi hanging too long… And so much time hanging by her legs caused the rope to become embedded in her skin and flesh down to the bone and, without cure or hygiene,her legs eventually rotted away.

Then, it ceased to be useful for the industry, its meat was no longer edible, so it had become waste. And it ended up where the garbage ends, the company threw Chi Chi into a dumpster with no intention of ending her suffering and agony. They threw her alive and badly wounded into the garbage.

A Korean animal protector, Nabiya Irion Hope, aware that animal slaughter was taking place in that area, so they were alert, was the one who found Chi Chi tortured and helpless in the garbage. They then contacted ARME asking for help to at least try to do something for Chi Chi’s life.

The brave labrador was urgently operated on, as she had a serious infection in all her paws as a result of all the time she spent hanging in that hell. His injuries were too severe, and all four legs had to be amputated to save his life. Chi Chi’s life would not be easy, but she was in good hands, so she would be happy.
After the operation, the shelter designed prosthesesfor her that allow her to walk and even run.

She finally has the life she deserves, surrounded by people who have cared for her and given her love until she can trust humans again. Today, she is a little dog with a harrowing story, but with a happy ending. Chi Chi has been adopted by an American family who adores her.