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5 signs that your cat is too dependent on you

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It is perfectly normal for a pet, in this case a cat, to form close bonds with its caregivers. However, there are some signs that may show you that your cat is too dependent on you. That is, it shows certain behaviors that can sometimes be somewhat problematic.

Although there is a widespread opinion in many cases that cats are not capable of close relationships with people, the reality is that this is not the case. In fact, many cats are capable of being people’s best and most faithful companions. But, there may also be cases in which the relationship between cat and person becomes a little strange.

Signs that your cat depends on you too much

  1. It follows you everywhere. A kitty that constantly follows you around the house could be showing a sign of exaggerated dependence. These are those cats that want to be close to their owners all the time, even when performing everyday tasks.
  2. Constant meowing. A cat that is too dependent on you may meow frequently. Cats often meow to attract attention. If you notice that your cat meows a lot and directly at you, it is likely that it is very dependent on you.
  3. Physical contact. A kitten that constantly seeks physical contact with the caregiver may be showing signs of extreme dependence. For example, rubbing between your legs, always cuddling in your lap, not sleeping if not near you, can all be signs that he is emotionally dependent on you.
  4. Destructive behaviors. A cat that engages in destructive behaviors when its caregivers are not around may be an emotionally dependent cat. If, when you go out, your cat scratches the furniture or does its business outside its litter box, it is a cat that is very dependent on you.
  5. Rejection of other people. A cat that shows dislike or indifference to some family members, but shows a preference for a specific person, may be a cat with a strong dependency bond to that particular person.


If you notice any of the behaviors described above in your kitty, you may be dealing with an emotionally dependent cat. To help you out of this situation, you will be able to perform some actions.

In principle, remember that your cat must have its own life. This implies that he needs to have a space to explore his environment, as well as to play and develop his intelligence through games that you can provide. Of course, balance is often the key. What we mean is that your cat needs to spend time with you to strengthen the bond that exists between the two of you, but it also needs to learn to be on its own and live its own life. By spending enough time with your cat, he will learn to feel safe and loved and will also learn to do activities on his own.

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